Liberating Leadership – Leading and Developing High Performance Teams

Do you want your managers to be leading and developing high performance teams or do you want them to be mere managers?

Man on top of mountain -Liberating Leadership - Leading and developing high performanceLiberating Leadership is a programme developed by Dr Derek Biddle and Ali Stewart which includes the mindset, process and specific skills required for leading and developing high performance teams.

Liberating Leadership is not a new fangled fad. It’s the outcome of some great academic research into what leaders do to create high performance. You may have experienced much of this before but it is the first time this information has been turned into a logical process.

It has credibility in that the research focused on what people actually do to create a high performing team rather than just what someone thinks creates one!

This programme does not just teach management skills. It is greater than that in that it teaches the mind set, process and skills for leadership development.

If you want to create a high performance culture but don’t know how to do it Liberating Leadership makes the important shift from a transactional to transformational organisational culture.

Senior clients state that the main challenges they face are the following:

  • High performance
  • Delivering results
  • Organisational agility
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

The content of the LL programme addresses these issues and shows how to deal with change by consistently using the right style in the right context.

Leading and developing high performance - Liberating Leadership Book by Dr Derek Biddle and Ali Stewart

Liberating Leadership addresses some key HR issues

How can I help newly-promoted managers to grow quickly into their role?

  • How can I measure their current competence in key areas?
  • How can I improve the motivation of my managers and their staff?
  • How can I get failing managers back on track?
  • How can I show that I have an effective and fair process and avoid damaging tribunals?

Often people have been promoted into management because of their competence as a technician in the business. They are typically expected to take on the new role with little training or guidance and are unprepared for the people-management part of their new role.

This may not become apparent at senior level until relationships have broken down to a critical point, with all of the negative impact this has on team performance, achievement of goals and HR involvement.

It is time-consuming, stressful and expensive to mend the damaged relationships, identify and deal with the manager’s development needs and refocus the team whilst showing that the situation is being dealt with fairly.

So how can you manage the development of a new manager or turnaround someone who is not performing?

The Leading and Developing High Performance programme provides the structure and attitudes required to get the most out of your managers. Once they understand the high challenge/high support mind-set and process they can start to lead their team to high performance.

So if you want your managers to lead your teams to high performance please get in touch with us.

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Liberating Leadership Kite Mark - leading and developing high performance

‘First class course, good pace, always relevant and excellent practicals. This kind of role play teaches techniques that are useful in many areas of management. I will certainly be sending the rest of my team on this. Excellent. Thank you.’

Here’s an example of Liberating Leadership in action.

This video demonstrates effective performance management and our Forum Theatre approach to learning the right approach in leading and developing for managers and leaders.