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Speaker at Podium - voice coaching with Voice Ltd

Speaker and voice coaching

How does voice coaching make you a better speaker? How […]
Insights Discovery Personal Development Profiles - colour energies

Insights Discovery ® personal and team development

Insights Discovery ® personal development profiles and workshops. Voice Ltd […]
musical improviser - Samuel and Heather

Super Secret Musical Improviser Sessions

Today we have a guest post from Joe Samuel who […]
Leading and developing high performance teams with Voice Ltd - Formula One Racecar Driver

Leading and Developing High Performance

How the Leading and Developing High Performance programme can enhance […]
Forum Theatre and role play with Voice Ltd

Forum theatre, role-play and improvisation

Forum Theatre   It may sound a little austere but […]
Forum Theatre - Role-play hell - actor masks

Forum Theatre – like acting, only better!

Do you dread role-play? Forum Theatre could be your solution. […]
Performance management training with Voice Ltd and forum theatre

Performance management training with forum theatre

Performance management and giving constructive feedback. A video about giving […]
Forum Theatre - Exploring exploring effective management feedback with Voice Ltd

Forum Theatre – delivering effective feedback

Exploring difficult conversations with forum theatre. This clip is from […]

Voice control – listen to yourself …no, really

How to improve your voice with voice control What would […]
Voice Coaching and presentation skills with Voice Ltd

Voice coaching and presentation skills in Highgate.

Making voice coaching and presentation skills accessible How would you […]
Women at Work - making people listen

Women at work – making people want to listen, Part 3

Women at Work – Tone and colour Watching ‘The Voice’ […]

Your Voice. Women at Work – Making People Want to Listen 2

Your Voice – Vocal support and tone part 1 As […]

Women at work. Making people want to listen

Many women at work I and other colleagues know across […]

Presenting with Insights colour energy – 4 ways in to inspiring speaking. Part 2

Captivating audiences with Insights colour energy types Last time I […]

Presenting with Insights Discovery – 4 ways into inspiring speaking

How can Insights Discovery help your presentation and public speaking? […]

Voices and voice coaching

Voices convey a lot of information. What are you projecting? […]

Effective communication

The power of effective communication. “I never know what I’ve […]

The use of actor skills in public speaking

Are actor skills necessary for successful public speaking? Working with […]
Eye contact in public speaking

Eye contact – don’t listen to bad advice

Busting the myths about eye contact. Over and over we […]
Public Speaking - 6 reasons why reading a speech is a bad idea

Reading a speech – 6 reasons why it’s a bad idea

How often do you see a key note speaker reading […]