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Leading and Developing High Performance

Leading and developing high performance teams with Voice Ltd - Formula One Racecar Driver

How the Leading and Developing High Performance programme can enhance team effectiveness.


Leading and developing high performance teams with Voice Ltd - Formula One Racecar Driver Do you want your managers to be leading and developing a high performance team, or do you want them to be mere transactional managers?

Do you want a clear, practical process that distils what high performing leaders do, and enables you, or your team, to develop the same key skills?

Do you want them to practice these skills with the help of excellent professional actors?


Our Leading and Developing High Performance programme uses a high challenge/high support framework, giving managers the chance to explore and practice key aspects of leadership behaviour.

We develop a programme focussing on the elements most important to your needs, which can include:

  • The attitudes and beliefs of a leader or manager.
  • The four step process, from visioning to enabling.
  • Explicitness, feedback and assertive behaviour.
  • Effective listening and questioning.
  • A model for mediating conflict at work.
  • Challenging conversations using the 6 step model.
  • Motivation and rewards.
  • Diagnosing performance issues.
  • Situational leadership – adapting your style appropriately.
  • Creating an action plan for continuous improvement.


How can I help newly-promoted managers to grow quickly into their role?
Often people have been promoted into management because of their competence as a technician or specialist in the business. They are typically expected to take on the new role with little training or guidance and are unprepared for the people-management part of their new role. The Leading and Developing High Performance programme provides the structure and attitudes required to get the most out of your managers. Once they understand the high challenge/high support mind-set and process they can start to lead their team to high performance.

What about established but ineffective managers?

Many managers have developed their approach and style in a different climate, or without helpful guidance, or simply don’t have awareness of their own limitations.

This may not become apparent at senior level until relationships have broken down to a critical point, with all of the negative impact this has on team performance, achievement of goals and HR involvement.

It is time-consuming, stressful and expensive to mend the damaged relationships, identify and deal with the manager’s development needs and refocus the team whilst showing that the situation is being dealt with fairly. So our programme gives the manager an opportunity to think again, or maybe for the first time,  about their leadership style and skills. We give them space to address any skill gaps in a context where they are not consumed by the entrenched habits of the day job.


How can I make sure the learning in the training is embedded and applicable?

By practicing, using role play and forum theatre, so that the leader / manager gets a chance to try out new approaches in a safe environment, with actors who can respond flexibly and honestly to the given situation. We find that actor-based forum theatre and role play is invaluable in adding experiential skill practice to these programmes.

So if you want your managers to have the confidence to lead your teams to high performance, please get in touch with us about our Leading and Developing High Performance training and development solutions.

See how we use Forum Theatre to bring alive management development. Video showing the Leading and Developing High Performance mind-set of high support and high challenge.

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