Performance management training with forum theatre

Performance management training with forum theatre

Performance management training with Voice Ltd and forum theatre

Performance management and giving constructive feedback.

Performance management training with Voice Ltd and forum theatreA video about giving constructive feedback to someone who is not performing well in a new management position. This intervention uses forum theatre and the Leading and Developing High Performance model.

This particular clip is from a forum theatre session on leadership and performance management exploring challenge and support. The session in real time tried out a number of strategies. This extract is to give a flavor of the idea of ‘winding back’ the action and taking suggestions from the participants and/or the facilitator.

The balance of challenge and support required from a leader will depend on the organizational context and the experience, skills and motivation of the individual. Developing an awareness of, and ability to practice this core skill is key in our programmes in Leading and Developing High Performance. One of the fundamentals of this approach is that high challenge and high support are delivered in equal measure to ensure that people are developed to their full potential.

The key mindset of high expectations, positive regard and genuineness are factors in making this approach work.

Some of the issues we explored in this session were:

• Active listening and questioning to build a bigger picture.
• The importance of emotional intelligence in managing oneself and others.
• Establishing and maintaining rapport, including non-verbal behavior (body and voice use).
• Diagnosing the issue: “attitude, or ability and skills?”
• Motivation, encouragement and reward.

What do you do to make sure performance management is dealt with effectively in your work?

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