If you need to speak in public in a leadership role, and want to develop your vocal gravitas and influence we will:

  • develop the quality and tone of your voice
  • improve your vocal confidence, clarity, flexibility and range
  • help you engage your listener and take them with you on your journey

“The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.” Arvo Part

For anyone who wants to play that instrument more skilfully, to have a voice people choose to listen to, voice coaching is the most effective route to take.

Vocal Skills include:

  • Body and breathing work for physical presence, harnessing nerves, and voice support
  • Vocal variety and ‘music’ – making people want to listen
  • Practice on a variety of texts for verbal flexibility and speech structure.
  • Narrative clarity and vivid storytelling.

Executive presence – a step beyond. We use a combination voice and body skills, personal coaching and practice on specific  scenarios to enhance your executive presence and to help you to impact on others with warmth, gravitas and grace under pressure