Our team of skilled writers and actor / facilitators allow you and your teams to explore behavioural choices, strategies and ways of communicating. We explore scenarios that bring relevant challenges to life, stimulating participation through discussion, interactive participation and shared experience.

Crucially, you gain a unique angle on your own verbal and non-verbal behaviours by experiencing them in action, or by witnessing them reflected in others. We have also adapted this method for bespoke videos, where the ‘audience’ observations are in voice –over.


  • Fauzia Aslam
    “I had the pleasure of working with Carol and Voice Ltd on a series of employability videos around the adult English language course Open Mind. The videos included key business skills such as: Influencing, Leading, Presenting, Team-working and Giving Feedback. Carol was amazing in swiftly getting a team of fantastic and engaging actors together, plus a superb script-writer and her own excellent consultancy, acting, voice-over and direction throughout the filming. The result was a series of high-quality, entertaining and very watchable videos which have been used for a prominent, long-running campaign for Macmillan Education and have generated a large amount of engagement on social media and the Macmillan website.  I’d recommend Carol and Voice Ltd to any company who wishes to bring workplace scenarios to life and provide excellent insights and knowledge of key employability skills.”
    Fauzia Aslam
    Macmillan Education