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How to become a powerful, authentic public speaker

Public speaker - Voice LtdDo you need ‘charisma’ to be a powerful public speaker?

Everyone we work with wants to be perceived as ‘charismatic’, or to have ‘presence’ as a public speaker. They are qualities of leadership, of influencing, of making people want to listen. Most people also want to do this while still being ‘authentic’, or true to their own style.

The questions that then arise are: how do we define these qualities, and can we develop them; and in doing so, how do we remain true to ourselves?

I see presence and charisma as a balance of self-awareness, awareness of others, genuineness, positive regard, and an ability to communicate clearly and with passion. They are, if you like, different but complimentary: the ability to be both receptive and outgoing.

Yes, we can develop this ability. Yes, we can do this while speaking from the heart – in fact, it is hard to do without speaking from the heart.

Technical skills also certainly help and feedback, without which we can’t be sure the impact we are having is what we intended. There is nothing wrong with borrowing from others we admire. That’s why they’re called role-models.

When we are coaching speakers, we work to help you connect to your audience. To do this we tune and practice the instrument, physically and vocally; and we look to create strong emotionally intelligent messages that are therefore meaningful to the audience, and where your values shine through. Then people will want to listen.

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