• Leading and Developing High Performance

    How the Leading and Developing High Performance programme can enhance team effectiveness.   Do you want your managers to be leading and developing a high performance team, or do you want them to be mere transactional managers? Do you want a clear, practical process that distils what high performing leaders do, and enables you, or […]

    Leading and Developing High Performance
  • Insights Discovery ® personal and team development

    Insights Discovery ® personal development profiles and workshops. Voice Ltd use Insights Discovery ® personal development profiles and workshops for enhancing personal presence and flexibility, and in building effective teams out of disparate individuals with different personalities and motivations. The Insights Discovery ® System is a powerful tool in helping team members understand themselves and each other,. […]

    Insights Discovery ® personal and team development
  • Forum theatre, role-play and improvisation

    Forum Theatre   It may sound a little austere but don’t be fooled. Forum Theatre is another powerful and enjoyable interactive tool for developing awareness, new behavioural strategies and enhanced communication. So how does Forum Theatre work? As a group, we explore dramatic scenarios that bring relevant challenges to life, stimulating participation through discussion, interactive […]

    Forum theatre, role-play and improvisation
  • Speaker and voice coaching

    How does voice coaching make you a better speaker? How do you know if you need speaker or voice coaching? We know that some people seem to have an easy authenticity, a power that we name ‘presence’ or ‘charisma’. Great speaking essentially derives from: Thinking about what your audience needs in order to care about […]

    Speaker and voice coaching

Voice Ltd delivers a unique experiential training by developing creative programmes that transform individual performance and drive your business forward.

At Voice Ltd we focus on four key strands:


Voice and speaker coaching, for charismatic performance, executive presence and personal impact.

Forum theatre and role play, for skill practice, behavioural insight, and bringing issues to life.

Leadership and management development: individual executive presence coaching and group programmes in leading and developing high performing teams.

Insights Discovery, for individual and team understanding, and leadership development.


Personal impact has never been more important than today. As a leader, as a speaker, at interviews, in communication with customers or colleagues; whenever and wherever you need to create an impression, we will help you to be at your best.

We coach individuals and teams to communicate with confident presence, and to adapt to change and challenge. We explore physical, intellectual, psychological and vocal means to make you more effective which means we help you to:

Be an inspiring speaker or presenter.

Create a strong positive vocal presence.

Develop exceptional communication skills.

Create efficient teams who deliver high performance.

Navigate a diverse range of workplace situations and scenarios.

All of these are underpinned by the growth of mindful self-awareness, so you can genuinely apply your technical skills and practice with purpose and choice.


Contact: Email us at carol@voiceltd.co.uk  or call 07976723002


New – Voice Ltd offer individual and group sessions for voice coaching and presentation skills in Highgate, London.

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